OC Worship Night to benefit Olive Crest

The Shoreline Church of San Clemente, 211 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente

Join us for a FREE night of worship and new music by Christian Serge benefitting Safe Families, by Olive Crest. Participate in a movement of compassion designed to reduce child abuse and return the church to the forefront of caring for children, as it had been throughout history. Your support will enable the church to reemerge as a champion for vulnerable families and help heal hearts and lives in your community. Album sale proceeds and donations benefit olive crest and their safe families program.

Special Worship Leader guests include Robert Mayer, Ryan Kirkland, Trevor Kelso, Ryan Maroney, and Jenn Slemmer

SEATS ARE LIMITED, SO RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW BY DONATING $10 TO OLIVE CREST BELOW. Each donation also receives my album for free.

NEWS! All "Save Your Seat" donations below will be matched by an anonymous donor, up to $4000!

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